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Ray Hartman

He made the first call, but she made the last… calling him home to her one final time.

Ray Hartman was born to John Hartman and Emma (Hirschkorn) Hartman on Monday, December 12, 1927 in rural Wing, North Dakota with the attendance of a midwife.  He joined two siblings, Alvin and Lillian. 

The man of all but an eight-grade education, Ray was self-made and self-taught in everything he chose to do.  Whether trucking, farming, cattle raising, or motorcycling, he was our Renaissance man!  Ray, our “Dad” and “Pops”, was hard-working… sun-up to sun-down.  He took great joy and pride in the building of his legacy: His farm. 

Ray was protective and a pillar of strength, yet gentle.  He was a deep-thinker, a man of few words, and always a good judge of character.  A man of steel, he instilled in his children the values of hard work and perseverance.  As a young Dad, he enjoyed going to the Wells County Fair to watch his sons with their horse racing.  As Pops, he enjoyed games of softball and Frisbee tosses on the front lawn after Easter dinners.  There was always enough room on the 4-wheeler for he and his grandkids!  And how many grandfathers do you know who ride a Harley?  Ours did!  Ray also loved taking long drives in the country with his wife of nearly 66 years…

Ray and Pat’s beginning was actually a happy accident.  Ray happened to dial the phone operator, who was a young lady by the name of Patricia Jean.  They soon met in person, and with a courtship of six months, they were united in marriage on April 16, 1950 in New Rockford, ND.  Together, they raised six children on their family farm near Sykeston. 

Our blue-eyed man became emotional at saying goodbye to his bride, Pat, at her interment on April 16, 2016.  Thinking back on their chanced meeting, he choked up and said, “Best damn call I ever made.” 

With his last heroic breath being taken on March 5, 2017, Ray leaves behind five children and their spouses, eleven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren:  daughter Trish (Dave) Greenwood. Jamestown,, Abby (Chad) and Rayna, Clay (Amanda); son Steve (Connie) Hartman, Medora, Jamie (Ryan) Sorenson and Brita, Derrick Hartman and Jace; daughter Shelly (Chuck) Dahl, Hazen, Sarah (Glenn) Crowe; son Russ, Hereford, AZ, Somer, Lacy (Rory) Suby and Forrest, Landon Hartman; daughter Darcie (Todd) Grager, Sykeston, Trent Grager (Katie), Makall, and Raquel.

Ray was preceded in death by his loving wife, Pat, his little daughter Joanne, his parents, Pat’s parents, many brothers and sisters-in-law, and several nieces and nephews.  



Sunday, April 16, 2017, at 4PM in Evans Funeral Home, Carrington.


Prairie Home Cemetery, New Rockford.

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Name: Diane Holth-Jaeger

Date:  March 9

Message: Sorry to hear about your Dad, Darcy.  He will be greatly missed.


Name: Ellen Pfeiffer

Date: 03/09/2017

Message: Sorry for your loss, Trish.

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