Evans Funeral Home

"Compassionate Funeral Service"

New Rockford and Carrington, North Dakota
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The History of Evans Funeral Home

Evans Funeral Home’s service to the Carrington and New Rockford area can be traced back to the 1930s. In 1933, Harry Knott came to Carrington to manage the Robertson Funeral Home. Later the firm acquired the Kinnard Funeral Home in New Rockford. Truman Knott, Harry's brother, joined the firm in 1940, and lived in New Rockford. In 1943, the business was acquired from the Robertson family and was known as the Knott Funeral Home at both locations. They also provided ambulance service to the communities and area.

In 1965, Lyle Evans, and his wife Darleen, moved to Carrington and became half owners in the firm. The name was changed to Evans-Knott Funeral Home in 1968. In 1971, the firm became fully owned by Lyle and Darleen Evans. In 1971-72, the ambulance service was turned over to both communities. Harry Knott continued with the firm until his death in 1978. In 1981, Lyle constructed a new facility on the east side of Carrington. The funeral home facility at New Rockford was remodeled and expanded with an addition. The name was changed to Evans Funeral Home at that time. Truman Knott died in 1989. He, like his brother Harry, was involved with the funeral home until his death.

Over the years, Lyle Evans had employed several licensed funeral directors. In 1984, he hired Fred Sauby as a funeral director. Fred, his wife Kristy, and their family settled in Carrington. In 1985, Lyle hired Kent Braunberger as a funeral director. Kent, his wife Carol, and their family settled in New Rockford. In January of 1992, Lyle Evans retired and sold Evans Funeral Home to Kent Braunberger and Fred Sauby. Kent and Fred owned and operated Evans Funeral Home, Inc. until December 31, 2013, as one of the longer-lasting "partnerships" in North Dakota. On January 1, 2014, Fred sold his interest in Evans Funeral Home, Inc., to his youngest son, Thomas Sauby. Fred's plans include pursuing his other interests, but he will also be associated with the firm on a part-time basis.

Tom and his wife Jane (Aljets) have returned to Carrington, having both been born and raised there. They had lived in Fargo, ND, where Tom served his Apprenticeship, and following that, received his North Dakota Funeral Director's License while a member of the staff at Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home. Tom now joins Kent Braunberger in the operation of Evans Funeral Home, beginning a new chapter, and yet continuing the tradition of providing compassionate service to the area.